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What We Do...

Quickchange Adagio

D0069BA8-98CA-4AA9-A654-C3DE73E99E61 2.JPG

Mind-blowing costume changes amongst Acrobatic Lifts, this act is a must see!


Duo AussieBela.JPG

Also known as Aerial Hoop. Aerial Acrobatics performed on steel hoop suspended from the ceiling.


Duo AussieBela.jpg

The art of handstands performed on canes, using strength with elegance.

Cube Manipulation

Duo AussieBela.JPG

A form of juggling, this 1.5m x 1.5m cube requires strength, stamina & technique to perform some amazing illusions - it's very impressive to witness.

Acrobatic Adagio

Duo AussieBela.JPG

The perfect combination of dance, acrobatics and balance. Perfect for any occasion.

Aerial Silk

Duo AussieBela.JPG

Defying gravity while performing aerial acrobatics on two lengths of fabric, hanging from the ceiling up to 12 meters in the air.

Dual Aerial Pole

Duo AussieBela

Aerial Pole or Flying Pole is all about taking the best of pole dance to the next level - in the air.

We offer solo, duo & dual aerial pole acts.

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